List Of Things That Will Make You A Swift And Efficient Cyclist

Cycling is the new trend, nowadays; it is the hobby of many fitness freaks to race down the longest track possible. These fitness freaks involve in additional activities enhancing their new insights on the country’s roads.

Using their passion for bicycling on the roads of United States, we have witnessed these individuals commercializing the concept of group cycling for raising funds for their charity group.

Cycling at Its Best


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And, how do they do this? For instance, they dress up in matching jerseys that carries their charity’s logo. This is how they not only create great stamina for themselves but also persuade a good cause. So, what are the different things you can practice getting a swift and efficient speed?

This article has some list of things, which you perform to get a step ahead in the world of cycling:

1. Try Getting the Best Wheels

It is usually witnessed that a single but the best upgrade in your vehicle can get your vehicle work 150% faster and efficient. So you can upgrade your bicycle with the best set of wheels, and that can be none other than Set of hot wheels.

We know it is a bit of expensive step that you will take but bank me on this, this step will make your cycling efficient and faster and also saves the cost of professional training. The upgrade depends on the wheel you are currently using; try to improve from step by step.

2. Faster Your Feet

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There are two options available to you to increase your speed on the bike: either upgrade your gear or increase the rate of your feet (cadence). Try to increase your rate step by step. This is more a process and won’t happen in a day.

If you are already slow, then try to get a little more than an average, i.e., 90-100 rpm in the same gear you drive. This will help you to increase your speed on the bike. Still if you are facing a problem, then the technique of fast pedal drills or one legged drill will empower you from the fast and efficient pedaling strokes.

The fast peddling set will range from person to person. Generally, it is from three minutes to 10 minutes at the cadence rate of more than 90 rpm. If you practice this set thrice a day, it will help you to build neuromuscular endurance, and I will also increase your stamina to ride the bike.

When we talk about one legged pedaling drill, the normal interval ranges from one to three minutes at an average speed of 90 to 100 rpm. Try both the techniques alternatively for three to five times and empower yourself with the increased biking power.

3. No Substitute for Hard Work

Good preparation can’t be substituted for anything. If you really want to pedal fast, you should be prepared enough to practice well. There are unique demands, and the different course of a profile is a need in every race. To be prepared well for those requirements, practice will serve you the best. If you are preparing for any specific race, then make sure you are preparing on the same course to be habitual from the race.

Once the optimal and suitable race is identified for the training, the next step you have to perform is performed the continuous sets with intervals,, which will help you hold and prepare you for the race you are practicing.

You can also practice on the hillside that will help you to deal with the slopes and different temperature on your big race. This can also help you if you will not able to locate the type of course suitable for your race.

4. Nutrition is a Must

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No matter what kind of strategy you intake and how much practice you implement. You will not achieve desired results if there will be a lack of intake of nutrition. All your hard work will sink into the water.

The hurdles that will come on your way are dehydration or glycogen depletion. It is necessary to take the proper vitamins and minerals for the energy to be maintained in your body and it will also allow you to train to the maximum levels.

You need to follow the things given below:

  1. You should take care that during the work out there should be the loss of much of the body fat. More than 2 percent loss of body weight during the workout can consider being fluid loss. This can cause dehydration in your body. And this may also result as a negative effect on your performance as well. 10 to 15 percent performance can decrease due to excess weight loss.
  2. Before the training, there should be maintained diet schedule to follow. One to four hours before the workout period, the intake of carbohydrates is necessary. The amount of carbohydrates required range from the weight of a person to person. The proper intake will help you to tank up your training session.
  3. During the workout, carbohydrates are very much necessary as they are energy-giving substance. There should be 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate intake in the diet (either in solid form or liquid form) this will give you the proper energy during training and competitions as well.

The guidelines mentioned above are especially for the athletes those have the schedules of the workout more than once in a day. There is more need of energy in their body rather than other athletes.

Types of Workouts

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1. A Need for Speed

For every race you desire you take part, the speed is very necessary. It will help you to turn off for your race. The improvement in your speed matters a lot and makes the difference in your race. It also has the positive effect on your fitness along with the speed.

The endurance training theory us very helpful for the cycling practice and make you faster and also help you to reach your training goals.

2. Pyramid Speed Workout for Cycling

For practicing this workout, there is a necessity to find a ride, which is comfortable for you and also a road or path without any hurdles. The rides should be a long and flat one and not the steep path is required. The following is the process for this workout.

  • Warm up for about 30 minutes, and also, spin the bike for warm up.
  • After the workout, there is a need for the hard work out. Practice for 8-10 minutes. The gears and pedaling rate can be adjusted by you according to your convenience.
  • After the hard work there comes the recovery workout. Slow down your speed, this is for the time period for 4-5minutes. You can slow down but don’t stop, it decreases your efforts.

Before you start the practice for the efficient cycling, there are few things to follow up. Like all routines warm up before you start, at least for 10-15 minutes. First practice on the comfortable areas and the comfortable gear, also include the rest of 1-2 minutes in between. This will help you for the systematic functioning of the body.

Important Note for All Out There…

Make sure you pick up things slowly and gradually and not burn so much of your energy in the start it will make you suffer later. Eventually, as your stamina increases it will increase your stamina as well but don’t go too fast. It can create problems later.

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