How To Find The Best Cycling Club In The United States?

Cycling has emerged more than a means of transport or a medium for staying fit. It has now become a passion for many. In Olympics also, it has found a good position. Now more and more people want to enjoy this ride with their friends or a group of riders. But the thing comes here is that how to find a group if you don’t have your bunch of friends interested in cycling.

Some organizations or clubs are now organizing cycling competitions and inviting people for the membership of their club. Many people are now interested in adopting cycling as a sport and having it as their profession but for this, they need to have immense training and practice.

There are several benefits of joining these clubs and teams. They will provide you a great platform to practice and improve your cycling skills. Along with physical training like cycling in a group, you will get to learn many moral values like teamwork, leadership, and coordination with other members. With this here is few things that may come up in your mind so here is few answers to your questions before you start finding a cycling club.

Advantages of Joining a Cycling Club

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The advantages of joining a cycling club in the United States include:

  • Joining a club will make you interact with new like-minded people who may have same cycling goals as of yours.
  • You will get good training to improve your skills from professionals and skilled bikers.
  • You will learn to ride a cycle in a group and maintain your balance.
  • You can get plenty of cycle riding tips from professional riders; they will help you improve your racing skills.
  • By joining a cycling club, you will find a new group of friends and mentors how will help you improve your skills and overall personality.
  • Apart from this, you will stay fit lifelong with regular cycling practice.

Qualities You Should Look for When Joining a Cycling Club

There are many aspects you should look for in a cycling club. The most important are the aim of the club should match your interest. If a club provides training for the professional racing championship and you are just looking for enjoyment, then this is not your cup of tea.

You must find a more casual cycling club where people come for fun riding and also learn some new tips. If you want Professional Mountain riding club search for that type of club, who will train you for mountains, not a casual one that will only teach you basic skills. Look for the members, if you find members are not in a mind of accepting new riders you need to find another batch or group of a new member who is same as you that is a new learner.

Mentors of the club are also very important so see for professional and trained mentors who have vast experience in training the group of cyclists so that you can receive the best skills and tips.

How to Find a Suitable Cycling Club?

The best way to find a good cycling club is to go in cycling championships and professional racing competitions; here you will find experienced riders and trainers who can guide you on the right path for choosing a good club.

  • You can ask them from where they have taken the training, and you can join the same. Another way is online; almost all cycling clubs in the USA have their website.
  • You go to their website and find the best suitable club for you.
  • You can also search for a searching tool called USA Cycling’s club searching tool where you’ll find information on best cycling clubs in the USA.
  • This tool will provide you the website of the club from where you can get the details like contact address and other facilities provided by the club.

But the best is to find people who have already joined some cycling club so that you can find their experience and then choose the best one.

Tips before Joining a Cycling Club

First, when have found a club, you will be told a trail for one or two days so that you will know can adjust and enjoy the group of riders, if not you can back out without joining.

Then if all is good, you need to get a set of good comfortable shoes, a good helmet, a bag of a water bottle and some food, some tools if your bike in case needs a repair in between your ride. Before joining the club, if you’re taking your bicycle then get it serviced from a good service station, check for brakes, chain, air, tire tube and pedals. Repair or change these if worn out.

If the club is providing their cycle, then have a test ride and ensure that everything is in good working condition. You will find a lot of people in the club so talk to them take some tips to improve and always follow the club rules and your mentor’s instructions.

What will You Get to Learn at a Cycling Club?

The most important are the basic things you’ll learn are the road skills that are how to manage your bicycle on different types of roads. You will get to learn to ride in a group, maintain you balance and avoid collisions with other cycles close to you.

You will get to know how to improve your skills, ride on narrow and steep roads with blunt and sharp turnings. Along with all these will know the safety tips in case of any accidents and emergencies, how to manage your team in difficult situation. In all, you will become a completely different personality after joining a good professional cycling club.

Some of the Best Cycling Clubs in the USA

Best Cycling Clubs in the states

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You can find best clubs at USA Cycling’s clubs search page. Others are:

  • Forming a bike advocacy organization
  • Biking News Groups
  • Bicycle Clubs Chat
  • Biking Movies
  • Adventure Cycling Club Search (online directory of bicycle clubs)
  • Bike Coalition – The only biking related forum/community on the net

Cycling is getting more and more popular for staying fit as well as for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving overall personality. It has now become a great sport, and people are taking it as a level professional sport. Many are engaged in the championships and have received great achievement with this simple sport of cycling.


If you till now have not given it a thought then now it is the time to make you live a fun, healthy and have some new groups of friends that will keep you joyous, healthy and stress-free at all times. Clear all your doubts on how would you be finding a perfect group of cycling friends for yourself.

Look around for a perfect place where you will acquire maximum advantages of the cycling sport. Get advice from professional mentors at the cycling clubs and learn new tricks and tips for cycling. Joining the club is not very difficult you just have to search a good one and enroll in the membership and the follow the cycling routine which will give you new energy and enjoyment.

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