Eat To Win: Diet That Can Make You A Pro Cycling Expert

Want to Go for Pro but Confused about your diet? Then, you are on the right page Read this article and sort out your confusions. 

Refuel Yourself For The Sake Of Your Bike

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Food for a cyclist is as important as fuel to the motor vehicle. Those who think that the vitamin injections and pills are enough for the cyclists, they are completely wrong. Food trends have changed with the time, and best nutrition is now the key to success for professional racers. Nowadays, cyclist laid emphasis on a more balanced diet approach which includes vitamins & minerals and best quality food.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.– by Paul Prudhomme

As we have said that the fuel for racing a cycle is the diet of the cyclist, so more & better the fuel is so better is the race. Now, cyclists do not just rely on bread, pasta-like food items instead they eat everything which provides nutrition to their body and increases their stamina.

Food that cyclists eat decides their stamina, athletic ability on the bike. In order to increase our metabolism and strength to ride for a long time, balanced diet is a must.

I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food. – by Sarah Michelle Gellar

Do Not Eat Much but Enough

Eating a lot of food is never the solution. Cyclists are advised to eat the right food at a right time in the right amount, and everything right will happen to them. Because the immunity and digestive system should not be loaded with loads of digestion work, instead the right food inaccurate amount will help the cyclists for the long term.

The best nutritionists suggest that no one should skip the breakfast ever as it is the prior most important thing to keep in mind.  Riders should check different options such as fresh bread, eggs, juice, pasta, rice, porridge and fresh-baked bread every morning, plus eggs, a smoothie, omelet, fresh juice, and more. The more fine food you eat in the morning, the more energetic you will feel during the journey.

Timing is Important

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Apart from fueling your body with the right kind of food, take care of the timing too. If you are late for your breakfast, then your body will take additional time for digesting it. Also, you should not eat beyond a limit as a human body is able to absorb only a limited amount food, rest ill just add extra fat to your body and will not do anything good to your body. Always keep in mind the famous quote that says:

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar!”

The logic behind eating less or light food at night is your physical activity reduces during the night and your body does not get enough time to digest the food if you make your tummy extra full. Overeating at night can also interrupt your sleep.

Another important aspect is to take care of the fact that how much water you should drink per day or ride. It varies according to individuals as the need of water for a different body is different. Another factors such as physical activity, weather, sweat, also play an important role in the same.

The main issue with the cyclists is sometimes during rides they do not get enough time to drink water. They completely focus on the ride and find it so hard to get little distracted and drink. But this can cause dehydration and other health issues. For a long and comfortable ride cyclists have to drink enough water and eat properly.

Eating like a beggar at night does not indicate that you need not eat at all. Riders should eat light food at night along with some protein. To digest it properly they can have a leisure walk with family or friends.

Here are some tips that may help you in the future:

1. Eating light and simple is not the solution

While preparing yourself for a race, do not stick to the same diet. Eat more carbohydrates as they will give you enough energy to complete the race. Adding more and more carbohydrates in your diet will enhance your stamina but do not forget that heavy breakfast and light dinner formula.

2. Eat Real, Become Winner

Having protein powder and vitamin pills may help you for a shorter duration of time, but these things are not your long term friends. Try to add snacks, pistachios, almonds in your diet. You can also drink almond milk, fruit juice and other nutritive food that will do all good to your body.

3. Keep track your calorie intake

Calories are going to be your best friends if you eat them in right proportion at the right time. Know your need before you choose any food to eat. You do not have to hold yourself back on the table just because you are a pro cyclist and someone has told you to eat “accurately.”

You can do the analysis for yourself for example if you need to go on a long route or ride calorie intake must be more and vice versa.

4. Be Efficient and Eat Enough  

In order to increase your efficiency, learn to have a proper diet. It is a myth that relying on a light diet or some special diet such as synthetic foods will boost up your stamina. Instead, riders should go for a diet that normal people eat but just increase the quantity according to the physical activity you do.

If you are a cyclist that goes for mountain biking, then this is obvious that you need more of calories than a track cyclist. Qualitative food is something that also plays an important role here. Eating junk just to have more calories won’t help you at all.

5. Enjoy, Eat and Ride

In case you are wondering that you only need to drink during a ride, let us tell you something more interesting. You can drink a lot of water during the ride but having a bite of some snack would not be harmful as well. Pick up some snacks with you while riding and eat a little while riding.

Also, after finishing the race you can chill and hang out with your friends and eat a lot of food.

“Jelly babies, Jaffa cakes and even white bread with lots of jam have a very high glycemic index.” – by Ruth McKean

Some Tips:

  • Eat bread toast or scrambled eggs two hours before starting your journey.
  • You can have some fruits like a banana almost half an hour before the ride.
  • Drinking energy drinks, glucose, water and eating dry fruits are considered to be the best option for a ride.
  • Milk, rice or some snacks can be eaten after finishing a ride, just like an after party.
  • Eating low carbohydrates at night after a ride would be a better option for example steamed vegetable and juice.

So, are your getting ready for a Pro-Event?

Keep above-listed points in mind and work hard. Do not forget to comment about this article in the comment section below. Also, like and share this post if you really liked it.

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