The Best Routes For Road Cycling In The United States

Apart from keeping your body healthy, you should see to the fact that your mind is healthy as well. With increasing workload and decreasing peace of mind, we often tend to live an unhealthy life, eventually becoming victims of depression.

Road Cycling In The United States

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We must not forget that depression can become the root cause for multiple fatal diseases that includes:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Moreover, depression reduces your productivity and pulls you into the vicious loop of decreasing productivity followed by increasing depression, and so on and so forth.

One easy and exciting way to keep your body and mind at peace is cycling. Doesn’t that sound much more fun than going to the gym every morning? It really is as exciting as it sounds and helps you keep your body and mind together while fighting the new urban every day.

The Bicycling Routes of the United States

The United States of America has more than 30 bicycling Routes, which includes smooth roadways, off-road trails and even blood pumping elevations which make you cycle throughout the country, discovering it in a way you’ve never before.

Every route has camping grounds, roadways properly maintained by state and local governments and most importantly low traffic. Let’s have a quick look at all the glorious Cycling routes across the country.

1. Trans America Trail

trans america trail

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This route covers almost 4,262 miles stretching along the coast of Virginia Atlantic, cycling through the heart of the US, covering the Rocky mountains and finally ending the trail in Oregon at the Pacific. During 1976, a bicycle-based celebration of America’s 200th independence; the Trans America Trail was inaugurated. The event was popularly known as ‘Bikecentennial.’ This event was a huge success and popularized cycle touring, which gave birth too much more American Trails.

2. Pacific Coast Route

pacific coast

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This route begins from Washington’s border with Canada and goes all the way down to San Diego. The best part about this route is the water body that stays by your side almost throughout the way. The route is stretched for 1,853 miles and also includes roads that are shared by other vehicles as well. Though it also has roads dedicated entirely for cyclists, the shared roads are also fun because of the water body that absolutely refuses to leave your side!

In case you are a dedicated cyclist and do not prefer boundaries, your route may be extended even beyond the usual destination point– beyond the borders of the United States. Go explore further north towards British Columbia and further south towards Mexico; cycle till your legs and lungs burn out!

3. Great Divide Trail

Great Divide Trail

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This route is the most challenging trail the United States can offer. It is about 2,493 miles long. The Trail crosses the Continental Divide at more than 50 times, sometimes gaining over 200 thousand feet of elevation! Some people consider it more difficult than the ‘Tour De France.’

The trail also has a mix of gravel, converted railroad beds, and single track. The record for cycling the whole trail is 15 days. It is definitely more challenging than you can imagine. Don’t we live challenges? This trail is a must-do route for those who want to have a unique and breathtaking experience that would leave an impact on their lives.

4. Mississippi River Trail

Mississippi River Trail

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The trail passes through 10 States including bike-friendly roadways as well as off-road paths. The trail is ideal for those who want to experience one of the longest rivers of America by cycling the entire river length. The river trail starts from its origin that is located in Minnesota, beginning at Itasca State Park.

The Itasca State Park consists of more than 20 miles of paved biking trails through the pines and greenery of Minnesota’s north woods, through the steamboat country, merging with the delta region of the New Orleans, covering more than 2,000 miles, which is almost the river’s entire length.

5. Underground Rail Road

Underground Rail Road cycling

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Hello to all the people for whom Cycling is not just a fitness formula but also is an exciting and adventurous path to know your past, consciously balance you’re present in order to secure your future, and learn as you grow.

America has one of the best historic trails which were once used by the southern slaves to escape to the freedom of north. The Underground Rail Road trail has been recently unveiled for you to cycle your ways through the 2,028 miles escape route which was used by almost 30,000 slaves to flee to Canada, Ontario and other free parts in the north.

6. Lewis and Clark Trail

Lewis and Clark Trail hd cycling pics

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The Lewis and Clark trail are another interesting, but less exhaustive than the railroad trail. It is another historical trail that covers the land that is located in Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase; a journey across the Pacific north-west and inside the Great Plains.

Since the original voyage was carried out mostly on boats sailing through the Rivers of Columbia and Missouri, the 3,252 miles trail follows the river everywhere possible. The combination of multi-use trails and paved roads may on certain occasions endure up in some interesting museum dedicated to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

7. Green Mountain Loop

Green Mountain Loop

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Views of pastoral scenery, geography and rural roads of Vermont are dominated by the Green Mountains. It is a popular cycling destination with very low traffic. The region produces pure maple syrup, which is a delight to be found out with pancakes, waffles or French toast. A perfect breakfast!

The trail starts and ends at Burlington, hence forming a loop. It is 376 miles green loop which cycle through the Vermont forests and the small towns of New England so beautiful. A pleasurable hill-climbing cycling destination is awaiting your presence. Bikers may come across the Missisquoi Valley Trail when ridden in a clockwise direction.

This bed rail conversion is utilized for a short portion of the root. The trail also has a crushed limestone surface.

Our View to a New Dimension with Cycling

Cycling is as intense as exploring a completely new dimension in your life. It keeps your body healthy, mind fresh, and your heart as young as the youth charged with curiosity. Unlike most other countries, America provides this unique experience for bikers and adventurers. Grab this golden opportunity right now and get going, as it would be foolish to miss this awesome opportunity so close at hand.

Take a break from your claustrophobic work schedule and refresh your life with one of these trails to feel free and energized. America has one of the most extensive road networks in the world; all you need is enough passion and curiosity to discover the new and remember to be alive.

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