Awesome And Healthy Cycling Tips For A Blissful Weekend

The bicycle is considered to be the most continent source of travelling. In olden days, it was the most common and cheap means of transport for almost everyone. Now this common and low price ride are back in trend.

It is not the sign of status symbol but a good way to stay healthy and fit. Yes, the cycle is the best way to fit without spending much money. It is said to be the full body exercise regime, if you cycle daily, you won’t need to join any fitness centre and can avoid many diseases. But before starting cycling daily you need to keep some tips in mind, these tips are for safety and to enjoy your ride to the fullest.

If you can’t ride daily, then weekends would be a good option to give you refreshing holiday after busy working days.

Tips for Starting your Ride

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  • If you have an old cycle then first check everything the brakes, the chain and air, if any issue with these then make a repair and if you don’t have one then you need to buy, nowadays, a wide range of bicycles are available in market from sports to normal cycles, hybrid or mountain bikes at reasonable prices are available.
  • If you have any health problem the first consult to your doctor for safety.
  • First, choose low traffic areas, especially if you are riding after a long gap. As it would be difficult to ride in traffic with vehicles. So try to go on a walking path or parks created for cycling.
  • Start early morning. On the weekend, you can start early morning for cool fresh air and joyful atmosphere. This will recharge you for the entire week and help you to stay fit.
  • For cycling you don’t need to do extra shopping for clothes, you can wear anything light and comfortable, which will help you to ride smoothly.
  • If you love gadgets, you can take your smartphone and add some cycling applications to check a number of calories you burnt while cycling. There are a number style gears and bands available for cycling; you can also try them.
  • A cycling helmet is a must; this will help you to keep you safe from any accident along with helmet you can also have knee wears, which protect your knees from getting hurt.
  • If you like night riding, then light reflector is a must. Have good vibrant reflector to indicate others that a cycle is on the road.

The ABCD… of Cycling

  • A for Air: Check you cycle tires regularly for a hustle free ride.
  • B for Brakes: Before starting your ride check your brakes or have a full service of your bicycle. Oil your cycle brakes regularly as the brake is most important to regulate your speed.
  • C for Chain: You need to check regularly your cycle chains for smooth going. Keep them oiled to prevent them from rust.
  • D for Daily 30-minutes: After ensuring ABC of cycling there is D if you give 30 minutes daily you will be fit for life and away from diseases.

Important Accessories and Clothing

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The most important are the helmet. This is crucial for your safety. Buy a good quality helmet and check for proper fitting of the helmet. Your helmet must fit perfectly on your head.

The best clothing option is cycling shorts as these are more comfortable and won’t come in between your legs while cycling. Avoid wearing tight clothes as this would make you feel uncomfortable and may cause skin problems.

You can keep a light bag pack with you and have a small water bottle, some money or some light food to have when you are tired.

You can wear a wristband and a knee band. The wristband will prevent you from getting a twist on your wrist; knees will be protected from knee band.

Wear a light weight snickers with ankle socks. Try to wear cotton socks so that when you perspire your socks will absorb the sweat from your feet.

Some Tips to Avoid

  • Avoid riding on high traffic roads as well as narrow lanes.
  • Never ride in a group as this would distract you while riding.
  • Never overtake vehicles, jump signals and look while taking a turn.
  • Never talk on the phone while riding and never use headphones for listening music.
  • Avoid riding too fast on steep, narrow roads and on sharp turns.
  • Never wear tight and rough clothes as this would cause irritation.

Benefits of Cycling

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Cycling is the most beneficial workout, which would prevent you from diseases such as heart problems, obesity, helps in digestion and improves your lifestyle.

It is said to be the best sport, which is suitable for people of any age whether old or young and kids or women. Everyone can have fun riding the bicycle.

This will help you save money. You can save your money by riding a bicycle at work, and everywhere you go this will prevent using fuel vehicles and will save your money as well as pollution from the fuel.

You can make new friends along with staying healthy. While going for a ride at a park or a walking lane you can make a new friend who has also come for cycling. You can enjoy this ride more with new people with same interest.

You can just go around the city with your friends riding your cycle and have fun along with staying fit.

Idea of Weekend Rides

Most of the people stay a whole busy week and don’t find time for any exercise or physical activity. So when you get off on the weekend, you can go for a ride with your family or friends. If you don’t want to wake up early, you can go for an evening ride or night ride.

This is wonderful idea to spend some good quality time with your loved ones and taking care of our health. This is the most interesting way to spend your time with paying much. The cost of buying a bicycle is just one time, and the rest will be just fun with good health.

You can take some healthy snacks like sandwiches, biscuits, donuts, etc. with some fruit juices and have them in the park or on the road side with the good company of your companions. A weekend spent with your loved ones and riding your bicycle will make you fill happy and refreshed from your tiring routine.


People do a lot of things to stay fit and slim. They join expensive gyms and diet for numerous days, but they find unsatisfying results or sometimes no results. To stay healthy the most pocket-friendly and super exciting option is cycling. Start with 30 minutes and increase it for 2-3 hours may be daily or weekly this will improve your lifestyle and give you a long and healthy life free from any illness and health issues.

Different people have different views on health and fitness but there is one common thought is for cycling that this is the best ever workout for everyone in the world whether poor or rich and whether old or young anyone can take up this workout for free.

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